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Smells amazing! I already bought another candle, different scent, months ago from here, definitely going to be repurchasing when I finish these ones.


This has been my go to candle every evening. Absolutely love it!

Love it!

Absolutely love this candle! The scent is really nice. I find the scent to be light enough that it doesn't overpower the room.

get figgy with it - fig, brown sugar, & coconut milk
Brandon Evtushevski

High quality candle. No complaints.

feelin' krispy (rice krispy squares) - limited edition
Brandon E.
Throwback to Rice Krispys

Great quality, as advertised. Burns well & true to scent!

frosted evergreen - cypress, fir needle, and frost
Caytlin Kopeck
Frosted Evergreen / Meliora

Meliora are my favorite candles. The scents are so unique and lovely! Everytime i have guests over i get compliments :) the frosted evergreen was the perfect christmas scent!!! Woodsy, yet sweet!

tin: boyfriend material - bergamot, mahogany, & apple
Sydney Ednie
Travel sized boyfriend!

No man in your life? No problem - this scent is absolutely to die for (and it won’t talk back). The soft musk brings a sense of comfort immediately upon lighting and being a smaller travel size tin you can store it in your car or small spaces for a nice pick-me-up scent. 11/10 would trade any man for this candle.

Go to summer scent

Can’t afford a tropical beach getaway? buy this candle and it’ll instantly transport you to a warm seaside paradise. The coconut mixed with vanilla brings the smell of summer into your home all year round. The scent isn’t too overpowering which I find vanilla can be with other candles. This is a serious must have!!

Instant comfort

Stressed? light this candle. Need to relax? light this candle. Tired and need a light pick me up scent? light this candle. The lavender mixed with sage brings instant comfort and is a serious game changer for those winter blues or long spring days where the rain never ends

sweater weather - white sandalwood, marshmallows, & cedar
Sydney Ednie
My ride or die candle

Sweater weather has been and always will be my #1 MVP of Meliora candles. The warm, comforting smell instantly transports you into a cozy autumn slumber and if you’re a fan of fall, Gilmore Girls or as the name says, sweater weather, you need this candle in your life

get figgy with it - fig, brown sugar, & coconut milk

So good.

good girls gone plaid - cozy flannel, vanilla bean, & blonde woods
Susan Torr

Fantastic product , love all the different smells. Well package great presentation.
Always send one or two as gift though out the year. Good luck with your business 👍

candle campfire - firewood, smoke, & raspberry
Jeremy Halldorson
Amazing, smell awesome!

Excellent smelling and local to North Vancouver!

Absolutely magical

These candles are absolutely amazing smelling
My whole home smells like sweet, espresso, caramel goodness

Highly recommend !!!!

sweater weather - white sandalwood, marshmallows, & cedar
Kathyrn F
My favourite candle!

I’ve bought a few candles from Meliora and this is my favourite. They burn well and I like the wood wick. Sweater Weather is such a nice scent!

move over hot girl summer, it's spooky bitch season
Carey M
Spooky vibes

I have loved every candle I’ve purchased and am looooving the spooky collection! Having a choice of different scents was awesome because I could buy one of each😄

let's go ghouls
Sophie Zapalowska
Love it

I first bought Meliora candles at a market and my family has been ordering only her candles since. The scents are really nice without being overly fake or sweet like some less natural brands. The wick is really nice as well I love the wood crackling.

let's go ghouls
Made for Chocolate Lovers

You will want to continously inhale the insanely perfect scent of chocolate brownies. I love chocolate more than anyone I know, and I want to smell like this.

move over hot girl summer, it's spooky bitch season

The smell is so canny to that of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, that it had me shook from that first sniff.
Smells amazing when lit too, giving off sweet, decadent wiffs of air.

Love the smell!

Absolutely love the coffee smell and get figgy with it. I am happy to have candles that are safe for my animals

good girls gone plaid - cozy flannel, vanilla bean, & blonde woods
Naomi Martin
The Best Scent EVER

I dont know what you guys put in here but its magical!

sweater weather - white sandalwood, marshmallows, & cedar
Sweater weather candle!

Absolutely obsessed with Sweater Weather!! It seriously smells amazing! ✨

oak & ivory - eucalyptus, oakmoss, & amber
Megan Vance

My favorite local candles

good girls gone plaid - cozy flannel, vanilla bean, & blonde woods
Perfect Cozy Campfire

I discovered this scent and candle at my friend's house and just had to get my hands on one for myself. I brought this to a cozy cabin staycation and it set up the vibe for a perfect afternoon of reading! Would recommend this scent to anyone looking for a sweet and comforting candle.