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It had me at "Figgy"

Exactly what I thought it would be! A soft, sexy, exotic scent. Perfect amount of sweetness. A creamy blend. Some of my favourite notes!

Little to musky for my taste. Plus the wick barely crackled . But service was exceptional!


It was so hard to pick from all the scent bc they are all amazing! But this one is definitely a favourite:) it makes my bedroom so cozy x

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This scent is intriguing! Citrusy, spicy, fresh. Complex and yet captivating! The name is perfect!

Mmmmm Yaaasssss!

Smelling it for the first time made me exclaim, "mmmm yasssss! exactly what I thought it'd be." Green apple is definitely the top note to me. So fresh, like a spring day! Curious to smell the scent once lit!

Gorgeous scent!

This is such a fresh, sexy, inviting scent! I’ve been lighting it in my room every day. Highly recommend!

My absolute favourite candle!

This is my #1 candle, so happy to have it back in stock!

Customer Service

I bought these candles for my sister in law. I’m from Winnipeg and she is in Vancouver.
There was a mistake with the delivery and it never arrived. So I emailed Meliora Candle Co., and they went and hand delivered my gift to my sister in law and refunded my delivery! Outstanding customer service !

My favourite morning candle

This roasted sweet coffee scent has been my favourite in the signature collection so far. It's the perfect candle for me to burn while I'm working from home or cozied up reading a book. It burns incredibly well and I love the crackling sounds the wooden wick make!

Sweet but savage

Gave this to a friend for her birthday. She loved it as much as I did!



So good I wanna drink it

Absolute perfection in how it smells like the moment you walk into a coffee shop. Scent is very well balanced and the candle itself burns so evenly!

tin: kiss my coconuts - coconut, amber, & vanilla sugar
Coconut, amber, vanilla sugar

Semi sweet scent not too overpowering. Soft aroma across the whole living room. My new favourite!

tin: kiss my coconuts - coconut, amber, & vanilla sugar
Love love love

Ordered two and have no regrets. Such a wonderful scent and I was originally going to keep one gift one but ... Ahhh I'm gonna keep them both!!

tin: peaches and cream - peach, apricot, & vanilla bean
Esther Davies
The cutest

This candle is so cute and smells amazing. I don't like overly sweet scents and this is the perfect fruity scent without being sweet. Absolutely love it

Absolutely Amazing

So I am from Australia, and I hav found nowhere in Australia that makes candles like the scents from Meliora Candle Co. This candle smells a m a z i n g and is really good paired with the peaches and cream candle that I was sent. 110% recommend for a gift any time of the year.

snowflake tin - limited edition

Adorable snowflake shape and a beautiful, subtle, perfectly Christmassy smell!

Perfect cozy candle

This is my favourite scent I’ve tried so far! The scent is so well balanced. Perfect for a cozy night in with a book. I bought them as gifts and everyone I’ve given them to have loved it. It’s not overpowering and gives my living room a welcoming atmosphere when I’m hosting. Would recommend to anyone looking for a cozy candle!

Get it!!

I heard this scent was highly popular and in demand and limited time!! The hype is real. It smells so good. I haven't lit mine up yet as I am still enjoying the beautiful perfection that it is, and opening the lid to smell it hehe. It will be very cherished once I get through my current candles!

Love it!

So good you won't regret it as gifts for yourself or everyone for their birthdays/anniversaries/christmas!

Candle review

The scent of this candle is AMAZING and the name "warm & fuzzies" just matches it so perfectly - i love it so much =)

I like it a latte

This scent is so decadent and delicious it makes my whole living room smell like a gourmet coffee shop! My favourite is lighting it first thing in the morning on a Sunday while I make coffee and feed the animals then I go into my living room and it smells sooo rich and delightful! The absolute perfect scent for coffee lovers!

Boyfriend Approved!

The notes of apple, paired with soft musk truly make you feel like you’re sipping hot apple cider with the hottest lumberjack known to man. A must buy candle!


All of the Meliora candles are to die for, but something about a pocket size sweater weather hits different. The scent transports you to cozy, Autumn night leaving you wishing it was Fall year round. The tins make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers! 11/10, you need this!

On my queen shit review

I bought this candle at the Brentwood Market and was drawn in by the fruity floral scent. I love how the wooden wick also makes crackling sounds as if you’re by a fire. Overall love this candle :)