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This candle smells soooo good and the tin is really cute as well. 10/10 recommend for a nice birthday present

If this candle was edible I would eat it lol

So marshmallow scented candles have always been my downfall but I have such a hard time finding non-toxic, animal-safe candles with that scent. When I got this candle in the mail I was so excited and I will be burning this candle nonstop now and probably purchasing more!!

Always a 5/5

I absolutely love this new candle that I got. The scent is the perfect strength and such a real smell, you can’t mistake the scent for anything other than what it is! I have purchased candles from Meliora Candle Co before and am never disappointed. Also the owner is one of the sweetest people that I have bought from. If you are on the edge, buy it! They also make great gifts for other people. And supporting a small business too…win win!!!


Meliora never fails to impress me!

This is the perfect versatile candle, whether you want to wake up or wind down you will be reaching to light "on my queen shit".

The aroma is lovely, not too heavy and not too light.

Definitely a must-buy!


This candle is magical! When lit, the aroma immediately puts me in a calming mood, ready to tackle the day ahead of me.

I am very sensitive to scents/aromas, but now thanks to Meliora I can now enjoy candles without fear of getting a headache.

Coffeehouse in your own home

Espresso smells permeating your living room with a strong smell of caramel popcorn + turn on that Coffeehouse spotify playlist + cozy up in your throw, with a drink of your choice ---> Perfect start to Autumn 2022. ♡

The best candle you will ever buy

These candles burn so so well and the scent fills an entire room easy. Sweater weather is actual heaven. The best scent I’ve ever smelled. I burn this scent year round and would like my home to forever smell like it.


Smells like grown woman comfort. Sweet, creamy, vanilla. To me the earl grey scent isn't as strong as I would have thought/liked it to be.
I put the candle in my bedroom!

Such a sleek & slender design! I love black and matte is the cherry on top! It's light, yet feels sturdy, and cuts well. The fingerholes are smooth - no sharp edges that hurt upon use. My only criticism is that they don't fit well into the lowet half of the candle jar. Sissor blade doesn't fully line up with the wick. It does cut though! 4.5 stars!

Best candles I’ve ever bought

I cannot get over the scent and quality of these candles. Bought three and love them all. Not too “sweet” smelling, literally perfect.

I keep trying to find a dark masculine scent, and the name of this candle had me! Afterall it's one of my favourite cocktails.
Unfortunately, this scent was too strong for me..(I need a lil sweet mixed in). So I gifted it to my bestie who basically only likes spicy/earthy scented candles..AND Win Win!

I don't know how Meliora does it, but these candle names are perfect! Made You Blush is such a lovely & flirty.

This scent makes me think of when the sunlight first hits a dewy summer morning. Fresh, light, subtle. Perfect for my home spa days. A very peaceful scent, perfect addition to self pampering days.

This scent is as enticing as the name! I bought this for myself as an early birthday present. I love candles, and am always searching for small shops to support. Even better when they are quality Canadian made! I leave the lid off this candle and every so often I get wiffs of the instantly makes me smile! I also will close my eyes and inhale from the jar, for a positive pick-me-up. Works every time! Unfortunately due to my sinuses, I can't smell it when lit..BUT my friends can! So at least I know my home be smelling goooood! The perfect amount of sweetness - not overbearing to me, and I personally don't like sweet scents.


This is my third candle from Meliora Candle Co. and I adore each one. This one is bright, summery and the perfect subtle background scent for a warm evening!

mama knows best - blackberry, raspberry, & vanilla
Rachele VanZoeren
Love all of these candles!!

These candles are seriously my go to!! I love that they are non toxic and they seriously smell so good! Highly recommend :)

LOVING this candle!!

Such a great scent! I don't know how they do it, but Meliora always seems to create scents that I just know I will love, before I even get to smell them! When I saw this candle being launched, I knew I HAD to have it. I burned it today for the first time and it was everything I thought it would be, and more. Such a great scent, and I highly recommend it for people that enjoy citrus scents. The bergamont add such a nice note to the overall scent.

i got it from my mama - cool peppermint & vanilla
Sydney Ednie
Momma loved it!

I got this candle as a mother’s day gift and my mom loved it! I am a bit envious I didn’t order a second for me - the scent radiates a room and the new labels are adorable. 10/10 as always!

A lemon lovers dream!

The citrus scent radiates even before lighting! An instant mood booster, this candle is a must have for all lemon lovers.

Perfectly named

I love burning this candle on a quiet night in. A really soothing smell. The crackle is so nice!


This is probably the best thing I’ve ever smelt! It has such a sweet scent, and has the perfect amount of coconut so it’s not overwhelming at all! Not to mention, it has such an aesthetic appearance 😍

kiss my coconuts - coconut, amber, & vanilla sugar

KISS MY COCONUT smells like heaven

I went to nooks and i instantly fell inlove with kiss my coconuts candle. It smells light and just right as i dont really like strong scent of candles. a must HAVE

I fell in love with this candle

I'm usually not a scented candle person but this scent felt so natural to me and I couldn'tleave the store without getting honestly makes me feel like I am on vacation and relaxes my body and mind. It smells amazing!

Candles with Heart

I only wish that I had more occasions to buy from Meliora! The candles are beautiful, sustainable, and made with so much heart. I recently bought On My Queen Shit for my sister and she loved the scent. It arrived within days of placing the order too, which reflected well on me and my last minute gift buying tendencies :)