Our Mission

The most important thing to us is advocating for our mental health. We all go through hard times, and some of us have illnesses that debilitate our mental health. Our founder, Sydney, is very passionate about educating others on the importance of advocating for yourself and protecting your mental health. A great way to start, is by establishing a healthy self-care routine. Sydney leaned on candles as a way to help ground her whenever she was struggling with her anxiety or feeling like she needed some stability in her life. With her love of candles became a new harsh realization...

Candles are loved by all and have been used for a wide variety of benefits throughout the centuries. Nowadays, candles have become so commercialized that mass production has led to a major "cutting of corners" in terms of quality and safety. The candles you buy for cheap at corporations like Target, Walmart, IKEA, and Bath & Body Works have a high likelihood the ingredients used are full of toxic, cheap, harmful wax and chemicals that are negatively affecting you and your loved ones. The most popular wax used by corporations to make commercial candles is called paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum. Yeah... you heard that right... PETROLEUM! Imagine the toxins you breathe from that, and the headaches.

Sydney discovered this disturbing information when she decided she wanted to learn how to make handmade candles as Christmas gifts for her family members in November 2020. After endless hours of research and weeks of testing formulas it very quickly (and unintentionally) snowballed into something more. Syd is far from a perfectionist, but something about this process she was determined to get right. She did not anticipate how much she would fall in love with the candle making process, or how much it would help her own mental health. Christmas came and went, and Sydney got bombarded with requests for more candles from her friends and family. Realizing for the first time that she might actually be good at something that she loves doing, she decided to put her fears aside and take the leap. 

Meliora Candle Company officially launched in January 2021 via website and Instagram. Sydney had no business plan, no direction, and no experience in anything business or marketing related - and to be honest, she still feels like she doesn't (hello imposter syndrome). Now 3 years later, she's working for herself doing something she loves all because strangers decided to believe in her and her products. Seeing and hearing the difference we’ve made in people's everyday lives is the best part of this journey. We will always be advocates for mental health and self-care; and we hope you will become part of that journey with us!

A t Meliora, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, non-toxic, and premium ingredients to give you the candle experience you deserve. We firmly believe that investing in safe candles will not only benefit your physical health, but your mental health as well. Our environments are sacred spaces for our mind; elevating your space with a meliora candle will set the tone to help you get through the day, in a safe and non-toxic way.