About Meliora

Welcome to Meliora Candle Co!

My name is Sydney Holmes, the owner and sole proprietor of Meliora Candle Co. My candle journey began in October 2020. Like a lot of people, I found myself feeling more lost than usual at the beginning of the pandemic. I lost my job, my school switched to strictly online and soon enough I was feeling suffocated by the lack of a routine in my life and experiencing mental health struggles.  I made a promise to myself that by the end of year I was not going to feel that way anymore, I had to do something. Something scary and new.

I started researching different hobbies and soon enough I found myself experimenting with the creative side of making soy candles and learning the benefits of certain oils for candles and as well for skincare. I experimented for months on different scents, waxes, and blends; it was the biggest learning curve but best decision of my entire life. I absolutely fell in love with the process and feel as though I have found my passion and purpose throughout this experience. 

Christmas came, and I felt proud and confident in what I was creating for maybe the first time ever - is this what positivity and hopefulness felt like? After gifting hella candles to my friends and family, word got around and soon enough I was getting custom orders from my friends and families, friends and families. It dawned on me that this was something, or could be something. Then I discovered the word meliora.

Meliora means better things in Latin; it resonates with me in that I am finally allowing myself to reach for my potential and see that I have one; in that, I am on my journey of bettering myself for myself (and not letting my mental health run my life) I truly appreciate your support. Thank you for listening. Every comment fills me with so much purpose and joy.

At Meliora Candle Co, we'll provide you with elegant, spiritually-crafted, and natural soy candles. Thank you for choosing us! We love you!