About Us

Hello everyone! My name is Sydney, the owner and sole proprietor of Meliora Candle Company.

My candle journey began in October 2020. Like a lot of people, I found myself feeling more lost than usual at the beginning of the pandemic. I lost my job, my school switched to strictly online and soon enough I was feeling suffocated by the lack of a routine in my life and experiencing mental health struggles.  I made a promise to myself that by the end of year I was not going to feel that way anymore, I had to do something. Something scary and new. I also needed a new self-care routine and a creative outlet.

I started researching different hobbies and soon enough I found myself experimenting with the creative side of making soy candles and learning the benefits of certain oils for candles. I experimented for months on different scents, waxes, and blends; it was the biggest learning curve but best decision of my entire life. I absolutely fell in love with the process and feel as though I have found my passion and purpose throughout this experience. I want to share my joy of candles with everyone! And then Meliora Candle Company was born.

Meliora means the pursuit of better things in Latin; it resonates with me in that I am finally allowing myself to reach for my potential and see that I have one; in that, I am on my journey of bettering myself for myself and those around me. I truly appreciate this small community we have built, and I hope you feel apart of it when you're burning our candles. I can't wait to grow this business alongside you!

Meliora is my pride and joy and I hope you feel the same pride and joy when you indulge in the best form of self-care, burning our candles (maybe we are a little biased). Your support goes a very long way and helps fund a local woman-owned small business. 

At Meliora Candle Co, we'll provide you with the best quality products, care, and service. Thank you for choosing us and we can't wait to be apart of your self-care routines!

Xx, Sydney.